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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Back on Track

It seems I have dropped the ball a bit. I have not posted here for over a week and apologies are in order. I haven't even been more busy than normal..but enough of my excuses.

We haven't been anywhere really new and exciting in the past week or so. Last week I was able to have a girls day lunch out with my friend at one of my favorite lunch spots, Miss Shirley's. This is one of my favorite places for breakfast as I have previously posted, but there also great lunch to be had here. I had their signature sandwich, The Alonso. It is smoked turkey, granny smith apples, brie cheese and mustard on ciabatta. Yum. My friend had a Po Boy..deep fired oysters and remoulade on a roll. Nothing wrong with that either. We started our lunch with some southern favorites, sweet potato fries and fried green tomatoes.

Then, this weekend with the sun shining and the mercury hitting around 70, I had some spring/summer fever going. I scratched the socks for the day, opened the windows and decided on steamed crabs for dinner. The Seafood Stop in Fallston has some of the best crabs in the local area. It's right around the corner from my house that makes it even better. My parents came down for the day and we made a fine mess with some old bay spiced steamed crabs. They were small, but heavy. We paid $65 for 3 dozen..and it was enough for the four of us.

Other than that, just some casual pick up food. We have been hitting Subway pretty hard they have their $5 footlong special and it is quick and healthy for those crazy nights.

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