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Sunday, May 10, 2009

Cute as a Cupcake

Happy Mothers Day all you mommies out there!

Had a lovely day with the family. The morning started out with cards and the coveted Vera Bradley bag I had my eye on from the kids and my husband making me breakfast. Nothing too complicated...just my standard weekend egg-white sandwich.

We decided to head down to Annapolis today to walk around since it was such a nice day out. We checked out the shops, went down to the water and watched the boats and took in the atmosphere. Brian noticed several people carrying bakery boxes and his radar came out. My husband loves his sweets and is always on the lookout for his next conquest. Don't get me wrong..I love sweets too..but have been trying to be good as of lately so my will power needs to be way up.

The bakery boxes came from Nostalgia Cupcakes (188 Main Street, Suite 102) right in the heart of Annapolis. We walked into the charming clean little shop and stared down the choices. Since it was 4:00 there was not too much left. They had about 6 flavors of mini cupcakes left and a standard sized mocha cupcake. The minis were $1.75 a piece which we thought were a little pricey for a 2-bite cupcake. However, since portion control is the name of my game right now I went for a mini coconut cup cake and got 2 minis for the kids. The standard size cupcakes are normally $3.00 which is competitively priced. Today the cupcakes were 1 day old, so they were half price. Brian was all over he got the standard sized mocha. My daughter had a pink lady (vanilla cake with strawberry filling, topped with pink butter cream frosting) and my son had a grandma's best which was vanilla cake and chocolate frosting.

Overall a very good snack..I can really never turn down a cupcake and the mini fit the bill nicely today.

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