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Monday, December 29, 2008

Ok..Now I'm stuffed!

Today Brian took the day off so we decided to take a ride down to the harbor to the Baltimore Aquarium. We have not been there in ages and we figured the kids were at a good age to enjoy it. After 3 hours in the dark, serene fish tank we were all hungry for we headed to our favorite Italian haunt, Amicci's (231 S. High Street, Baltimore 410-528-1096). Brian and I discovered this place about 2 years ago when looking for a place in Little Italy to eat. The food is outstanding, reasonably priced and they give gigantic portions. The first few times we went we way over-ordered and either went home with tons of leftovers or with indigestion. The problem is that they have so many good starters, by the time you get to your entree you are ready to be sick. The have a great house salad (4.50)that they dress with that dressing that all the restaurants seem to use in Little Italy. We usually get the calamari (9.00) that is really good as well. They have this one signature appetizer called a panne rotundo (14.99). Basically, they hollow out a round loaf of bread, cover it in butter and toast it, pour a garlic scampi sauce in it and float jumbo shrimp in it. It is totally a heart attack waiting to happen, but it is so good. We got it a few times, but I just can't do it anymore. I pay for it later. The entrees are really good as well. They don't have alot of chicken dishes and they have no veal dishes, but they have a nice assortment of pastas and seafood entrees. Tonight Brian and I shared the lasagna and the kids shared spaghetti and meatballs. We finally get our ordering right by ordering a few starters and just sharing an entree.

After dinner (since we didn't eat enough)we headed over to Vaccaro's (222 Albemarle Street 410-685-4905) for dessert. We always stop their on our way home form dinner for our mandatory Italian cookie (the pignoli are the best). We discovered that they do an all-you-can eat/drink dessert and coffee special on Monday nights for $15. We did it once and basically starved all day to train for it. They have a rule that you have to eat half of what they give you before they will bring you something else. When Brian and I did it in the past our eyes were definitely bigger than our stomachs. We only ate half of our first order and could barely get through the second order. Tonight we got a huge waffle and ice cream concoction for the four of us to share. If we ate a third of it we were lucky.

Now I am sick. Count down to eating healthier...4 more days!

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Melpy said...

My family adores Vaccaro's and I highly recommend it to anyone who visits B'more.