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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Roll With It..

Well, today is Christmas Eve day. Kind of a slow day for us here. Since we are Jewish we don't have too much to do today and tomorrow. The kids friends will be knee deep in wrapping paper and visiting with friends and family. We are actually headed up to Philadelphia to visit family of our own. We have always had our tradition (with pretty much every other Jewish family) of going to the movies and having Chinese or Asian food on these days. They are pretty much the only business's open on Christmas Day.

When we first moved to Harford County I was disheartened by the lack of Japanese restaurants in the area. I basically had Sakura Japanese Steakhouse as my option for sushi. It was good, but kind of commercial sushi in my opinion. Nothing too special about it. The hibachi grill was fun though. We discovered Edo Sushi in Timonium for our sushi fix. This place makes some serious sushi. We found ourselves taking the 20 minute ride at least once a month for the best spicy tuna we have found. In the last couple years we have had a bit of jump start with ethnic cuisine in Harford County. Three sushi restaurants opened up in the Bel Air area within a year of each other. The first to come was Fuji Sushi in the Festival Shopping Center in Bel Air. I was excited and it was good. Not as good as Edo, but certainly adequate. The next came Toki Sushi in Forest Hill. I preferred this place to Fuji and we started frequenting there. We found the restaurant to always be empty, but we did carryout anyway. The last to arrive was Zen 16. Ding, ding, ding..we hit the jackpot. This place is so good and seriously gives Edo Sushi a run for the money. The staff in Zen are so super nice and the food is always top notch. The spicy tuna is as good at Edo. My one friend goes and the sushi chef actually makes her platters based on what she likes.

I know the economy is shaky right now and I really hope these places can stick it out. Small independent restaurants are usually the first on the chopping block so if you are from Harford County go get some sushi!

So, there you go. we will be getting our takeout from Zen 16 tomorrow night. Since we have little ones, we will be renting the flick, and not going to the movies. Times have changed a little!

Merry Christmas to all!

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