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Sunday, December 28, 2008


We were inside all day yesterday, organizing and playing with gifts. We decided to take a ride out to Hunt Valley and do a little Wegmans shopping. Oh how I love Wegmans! That is a post or 2 in itself. We are heading up to our friends for New Years Eve and I have 2 dishes to make that need to be Southwest inspired. I got dessert covered, but the side dish is stumping me. I thought Wegmans would give me some inspiration. I'm no closer to a side dish, but I did buy a bag of plantain chips.

After Wegmans we were were debating where to eat dinner. We ended up at the Silver Spring Mining Company. There are 3 locations that I know of in the Baltimore area. Bel Air, Perry Hall and Hunt Valley. I have only eaten there once since living in Baltimore. I remember it pretty well. I was about 8 months pregnant with Sophie and was craving hamburgers in the later months of my pregnancy. I remember my meal being pretty can a hamburger be so bad when you are pregnant?

So last night the kids got their standard (mac and cheese and chicken tenders). Pretty pricey for kids meals and drinks not included. The chicken tenders were so heavily battered and tasteless (yuck). Brian and I shared fajitas and were pretty disappointed with our meal. We were served a platter of tasteless chicken, steak and onions. Apparently everything that usually comes with fajitas were extra. It was really bad.

So, after paying $60 for a bad meal, lesson learned..I haven't been missing much not going to Silver Spring in the last 6 years.

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