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Sunday, January 4, 2009

Football Sunday is a Pizza Kind of Day

I'm still sick. Ugh. I have not been sick for a long time (since April) and Friday threw me a curve ball with a wicked sore throat. So, this weekend has been a washout.

Today we are sitting around watching football. My two teams are playing. The Ravens(they won!)and the Eagles (at this post time they are winning). So it's a lazy day..going to order pizza from Italian Sensations in Fallston (2316 Belair Road). They have been around for as long as I've been down in Maryland in Bel Air (225 Brierhill Dr). They recently opened a second location in Fallston and have been doing really well. Fallston does not have many restaurants so if you have a good product you can do really well. The Scotto Family are the owners and are straight from Italy. They have a little girl that goes to daycare with my son. They also run the more upscale Italian restaurant Scotto's in the Festival Shopping Center.

Italian Sensations is a pizza place that also sells other Italian goods such as sandwiches, pasta dishes, calazones, stromboli. They do a great take-out business and they have tables that you can eat there as well. Tonight Brian and I are opting for a white pizza, a switch on our usual. I'm sure the kids won't eat that (because of the green stuff) so I think I have some leftover pizza in the freezer.

This pizza is insanely good. It is a white pizza (no tomato sauce) with garlic, plum tomatoes, spinach and ricotta. We ended up with 3 pieces left..looks like I got some lunch for myself this week.

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Patricia said...

Jill, Italian Sensations is one of my favorite local eateries and has been for years. They are consistently good. Great blog!