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Saturday, January 10, 2009

You Would Think the Restaurants would be Dead

Today we had to make a trek out to IKEA in Whitemarsh. My cookbook collection is growing out of its space and I needed a new bookshelf. The plan was to go to IKEA, drop of the kids in funland and have an hour to shop, kid free.

Mission accomplished.

When we got everything in the car we looked at the clock and saw it was 6:15. I wanted to go to PF Changs but it was packed, we headed over to the Avenue to settle for Fridays (I haven't been to crazy about my past meals there) but we were able to see that there were a ton of people waiting in the lobby. I was perplexed. The Ravens were playing a 4:00 game and I assumed that everyone and their mother would be glued to a tv set somewhere. Apparently not.

So, we needed a place to eat where we would not have to wait and that the kids would eat. We drove down to Campbell Blvd and ended up at Noodles and Company. If you haven't been to Noodles it is casual dining that is in the same level as Panera, Pei Wei, Baja Fresh..etc. The restaurant focuses on noodle dishes created all different ways: American, Asian, Mediterranean and Italian. Brian and I got Asian noodle dishes (Japanese Udon Noddles and Indonesian Peanut Saute(very spicy!) and the kids got macaroni and cheese. The mac and cheese is about the best I've ever had..and Ive had my share of macaroni and cheese. They also serve up salads and soups to round out your meal.

I can totally picture this chain in the Bel Air area. It would clean up. I really should look into franchise information. I keep checking their future locations and Bel Air is not on the list. I guess for now I have to drive 15-20 minutes to satisfy my noodle craving.

Oh, and congratulations Ravens! I'm an Eagles fan first and foremost, but I do root for the Ravens. The only exception would be if the Ravens faced the Eagles in a Superbowl. I'm not that worried about that happening.

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