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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Everyone Loves a Freebie!

Head to Panera Bread tomorrow (1/28/09) for free coffee and samplings of their breakfast sandwiches and yogurt parfaits. It's all in efforts to get people excited for their new roast in coffee and their breakfast sandwich that has been around for a little while. Of all the quick breakfast stops, Panera does top the list in my eyes for breakfast sandwiches. They use a real egg and its not cooked in the microwave like other places (I'm looking at you WaWa and Einstein). They use a really sharp cheddar cheese and offer it with plain egg, bacon or sausage. They put all that yummy protein on a warm ciabatta bread. Yum. The only complaint is that you can't get the sandwich with turkey sausage. I don't get it because they offer turkey sausage in their egg souffles. Oh well.

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The Schwartz Family said...

Panera and I thank you for the new coffee tip! I was running late last friday and had a million errands to run. Top priority was feeding Doran lunch! Another top priority was my afternoon latte!! Panera is our usual lunch spot but I had not liked their coffee in the past. I remembered what you had said about the new blend so I decided to give it a try. After lunch Doran got his hot chocolate and I got my latte. It was great! I might even rate it better than my usual place. I think part of it was the experience of the mug that made it better. As luck would have it they were also passing out free breakfast samples. The best is when you are standing in line with two hungry kids and they pass out samples! That makes the experience much more enjoyable. Thanks for the tip! Alison