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Thursday, January 8, 2009

Work While you Eat.

So, I get an email from someone who is following my blog..who is not one of my friends or family members who I begged to read. Yipee! She asked me if I knew of any places in Harford County that is a good place to eat and write at the same time. Finding free wi-fi is tough now. Even McDonalds pulled their free wi-fi. Now you have to have their dumb Arch card or something like that. So, here are the places I know of that I have had a bite to eat (or a coffee to sip) while I worked, checked my email or updated my Facebook status.

Panera offers free wi-fi in a really comfortable environment with great food. (I'm a pushover for bread). I've often opt for Panera when I'm on the road for lunch to pick two" and write a few emails.

McShane's is located on Rt. 22, west of Harford Community College. McShane's is a coffee house with nice breakfast items and good salads and sandwiches. They also offer free wi-fi and I actually prefer this place the best when I have some time between appointments.

Coffee Coffee
Coffee Coffee is located in the Festival Shopping Center and also boasts free Wi-Fi. Its a small place with a great selection of coffee drinks, pastries and chocolates! There is not too much room here to make your self comfortable for a while..only a few tables.

Here's a tip. Technically, the wi-fi is not free at Starbucks. However, if you have a Starbucks card you can get some free internet time. Register your card at and you can link to ATT (their internet provider). Having a registered Starbucks card entitles you to 2 free hours of internet time per day, as long as your card has been used in the last 30 days. Not a bad deal. Also, if you register your Starbucks card you also get syrup additions for free and free refills of regular coffee during the day.

So, there yo go. That's all I know about..if anyone knows of any other places drop me a line..and to Patricia...thanks for the idea for this post!

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Patricia said...


Thanks for the great info ... and this site. I'm always looking for a new place to eat.