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Friday, February 13, 2009

I love you. I hate you.

Let's just say that it is a really good thing that my local Wegmans is 25 minutes away. It's close enough that I can get there easily if I want, but far enough away that I can't run there for my everyday food pick-ups.

If you haven't been to a Wegmans you are really missing out. Wegmans is a foodie's version of paradise. You can find anything and everthing there. Based out of upstate New York, this supermarket has had the distinction of being in Fortune Magazine year after year as being one of the best companies to work for. Customer service is supreme. When Wegmans came to Hunt Valley, MD in 2005 I was truly excited. I have heard about this store from some friends in New York singing its praises They have been slowly expanding on the east coast.

The store in Hunt Valley is their biggest to date. It has a huge section for prepared foods, a huge bakery, a meat and fish section that would have your eyes rolling and a cheese section that rivals many cheese shops. On the upper level is seating where you can eat lunch/dinner.

Today I set out to get my ingredients for my Valentine's Dinner. I'm preparing a kitchen clambake, so I needed lobster, clams and shrimp..along with some other goodies. I picked up a tiny carrot cake for dessert to round off the meal. For the kids, I bought ingredients for the kids to make their own pizza and chocolate fondue for dessert. I am also having company the next day..Brian's dad and his wife. She keeps kosher so I had to pick up kosher meat to prepare dinner for the next night. Add a few moe things in the aisles I could not resist, some take home sushi for lunch and my bill was $130. Ugh. I hate you, Wegmans.

NEWSFLASH!!! I just read on a local blog that Wegmans is coming to Bel Air! Woo Hoo! Its proposed to go in on Emmorton now it will be 15 minutes away..oh this is going to be dangerous!

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